Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Socks - or not

I'm trying, I really am. But the knitting gods are just not with me.

I did manage to cast on these, but this afternoon I foolishly left my knitting bag sitting on the couch. I came into the room to find M holding all 5 of my dpns - and my knitting was no longer on them!!!! arrrrgghh. I did manage to get all the stitches back onto the needles successfully, but then I noticed just how bad the "ladder" was where I had joined the round - and had also somehow lost a stitch, which I increased to get back at some point thinking it wouldn't be too noticeable. I knew it was all there, I'd just been fooling myself that it wouldn't show all that much. It showed. So I decided to rip. I guess I should thank M really. And be thankful he didn't stab himself in the eye with my needles, or even worse, stab L.

So attempt #3 will begin tonight. That is if I have enough time after blowing up balloons to make Octopus' as a surprise for L, who's birthday is tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey Mojo, where'd you go?

So I'm back. At least I think I am. And apparently it's NaBloPoMo, which I've failed miserably at since this is my first post since early October. If I get one post in for November, does that count?

Anyway, where have I been? Well I can now reveal the secret to my disappearance, although I suspect that most of the regular readers of this blog already know why, but just in case there's any other interested parties out there, here it is. I'm pregnant. And boy did morning sickness mess with my knitting mojo. I've really only just started to feel like doing anything again. Strangely I felt most sick in the evenings - prime knitting time - and of course very tired. So instead of knitting I've been sleeping and throwing up. Yahoo. And to top it all off I also managed to catch myself some kind of cold/sinus infection which has been hanging around for over a month now. Life has been pretty great the last few months.

All of that seems to be behind me now though, and I even managed to cast on something last night. Lets not mention that after about an hour of knitting I ripped it all out and will start something else again tonight I hope, but I did manage to knit. And it didn't make me want to vomit. Here's the yarn I cast on, mainly because it's all I have to show you since I didn't actually make progress with anything. This is "Cherry Pie" hand dyed by Elissa of The Yarn Cafe as part of the Yarn Collective Sock Club (my first installment!). It's beautiful, but my pic probably doesn't do it justice. Now I just need to find a suitable pattern, cause the one I started last night isn't going to work out.

I shall post some progress pics when I finally get something going. But don't expect too many FOs from me anytime soon. Mojo is only returning slowly.