Monday, June 30, 2008

July - Finish or Frog

I have decided that I really need to take stock of my WIPs. I realise my list of UFOs/WIPs is not as long as some people's, but the longer I leave them, and the more new stuff I begin, the less likely it is that I will ever get them finished! So I have decided that July will be the month to Finish or Frog (with a few exceptions!).

I hereby state that I will not begin ANY NEW PROJECTS IN JULY (one secret knitting exception allowed) and that I will endeavour to finish or frog the following UFOs/WIPs:

Valentine Kimono - FROG - DONE!
Fetching - FINISH (only one pair to go - Mine!) - DONE!
Rainy Day Sock - think I will FINISH but still undecided, may FROG - DONE!
Cherry Pie - FINISH
Eyelet Yoke Cardigan - FINISH (just need to seam it)
Helena - FINISH - DONE!
Mittens for L - FINISH - DONE!

I don't really have much to go on any of these projects so I really think it's realistic that I can knock them all off in one month, even with my limited knitting time! Just need to focus!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yarn-y Goodness

These arrived in the mail this week.

Six ball of WOOLganic which I snapped up in their recent sale. This stuff is lovely. Not sure what I'm going to do with it all yet. It will be a kid-knit though, eventually.

And this morning's parcel was my haul from The Yarn Cafe's opening last Thursday night. Another ball of the EcoBamboo so I can finish Helena, and 100gms each of "Maia Jade" (in the middle) and "Spring Hippy". Again not sure what they will be, but for now I'm just happy admiring the colours and patting them LOL Also some 4.5mm straight needles (gift for being one of the first 30 customers!). These are my very first straights!! Need to find something I can use them for now :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Helena and some mittens

Just a quick post....

Fell in love with this pattern immediately...

So did a lot of others on Woolaholics, so they're organising a KAL for July. Since my knitting time is so limited these days I thought I'd get a head start so I could keep up. I'm nearly finished!!

The pattern is lovely and easy (although there has been a bit of "unknitting" throughout the lace part) and the yarn is just beautiful. It's EcoBamboo from The Yarn Cafe and it's lovely and silky. Really nice to knit with. I haven't been able to put it down! Unfortunately I'm out of yarn now and waiting for some more to arrive. Glad I got so far with it when I did though, since my calculations based on the pattern suggested I'd need three balls of the EcoBamboo, but it looks like I won't even use two full balls.

While I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive (along with some others that slipped into my cart during TYC opening sale on Thursday night!) I cast on some mittens for M. The boys like to go for walks at night with DH and it's been getting quite chilly here lately. I let M pick the yarn he wanted and he chose the green Treliske I had sitting around not knowing what to do with. Perfect! Lovely, soft and warm for his little hands :)

The first one was started Saturday night and finished Sunday. I did most of the knitting on the way to IKEA and back yesterday LOL And no, I wasn't driving! Cast on the second last night, so hopefully will have that finished today or tomorrow. The I need to do a pair for L.

ok, baby crying so got to go. Just have to add though, it's only 10.30am and I've already done the dishes, made the bed and done two loads of washing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Knitterly happenings and a bit of techno failure

It's amazing what being without the computer for a week and can do for the state of my house LOL A few weeks ago our PC decided it didn't want to work anymore :( so a week and many $$ later we have a new one, but it was quite liberating during that time not to have the temptation of turning it on "just to see if there was anything going on" LOL I stayed on top of things, my house was relatively organised, and I even got some knitting done!

This is the beginning of an Eyelet Yoke Cardigan for F. I've only got a Rav link for this, so I won't link it. This is my second attempt at starting it. Had to frog it due to operator error, and I also decided that it might be better if I made the 1year sizing rather than the 6month sizing - that way I've got a whole year to get it done and it might have a fighting chance of fitting! LOL

I also managed to start and finish another Bilby Baby Hat....

Please excuse the crying baby, she didn't feel like modelling right then LOL This hat is a gift for someone else. I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and it's lovely and soft. I'm going to make F another one in pink. She's already go the Pear Tree Merino one I made in green too.

And this is what was going to be Clementine's Baby Kimono.

Not sure if I'm going to finish it or frog it and just make myself some socks sometime. It was the Feb Yarn Collective Sock Club installment. I'm just not feeling the love for all the ribbing, and then when I finish it I'll have to seam it. I really can't be bothered with it tbh. Sadly it's close to being finished so I'm still in two minds, but I suspect I'll be ripping it out eventually as I have no intention of picking it up in the near future.

And in other news, I found lice/nits in L's hair this morning :( So today will be spent hot washing, spraying and combing. Probably not knitting.