Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A couple of softies

More Christmas gifts made by me, but this time on the sewing machine.

This was my first time making softies like this, and it was kind of fun. Up to the point where I had to sew up the hole left for stuffing! But I worked it out in the end. Not perfect, but not too messy either. You can see the Matryoshka Doll's head looks a bit flat.... That's because I left the opening at the top, instead of the bottom. And then there wasn't enough fabric at the top to sew it up properly. Oh well, live and learn. There's a bunch more of those dolls on the fabric piece, and I remembered to sew those ones correctly!

I'm a little disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm over them from the kids, after all my efforts! But really I should have expected that. What with all the dinosaurs, remote control cars and shopping trolleys that were under the tree as well.

Both of these fabrics are by Kristen Doran. I really want to get the Matryoshka embroidery panel too. But I really don't need another thing on my list of "to do".

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