Monday, January 28, 2008

Another FO!

I seem to have lost my tool bar. And now I can't seem to upload photos. ETA: ok, photo uploaded now, but toolbar still weird LOL

Anyway, I am on fire this year! LOL

Another FO and it's not even the end of January yet. This probably took about 3 days I think. Can't remember when I actually started it, but it wasn't long ago. It's a curly purly soaker in the colourway "Earth Sky" which I bought from MonsterKnits a while back. I'm not even going to try to link to those because I doubt it will work. Hmmm... anyway, if you are on Ravelry then you'll be able to see the finished product! If not, then I'll be back later to try to put a pic up. Not sure what is going on here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pay it Forward.....

What an awesome idea!

From Elissa's Blog (The Yarn Cafe)...

The first three people to comment on this post will receive a gift from me, sometime within the next 365 days.

Who knows when it will turn up, or what it will be, but rest assured, it will arrive.

All you have to do is promise to make the same declaration on your blog, and send out gifts to three of your lovely readers.
Easy Peasy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spot the difference

Finally, my first FO for 2008!!

But they're not really a "pair". Can you spot the differences? There's more than just the colour, but the other bits are not obvious from the pic. And no, one is not more ginormous than the other, the lighter one is just on the "sock blocker" that my DH kindly fashioned for me from a wire coathanger LOL

I've found it amazing how I am able to interpret the exact same pattern that I've just completed, in a completely different way to how I've only just interpreted it! Knitting lesson #101 - make notes, esp if you have to knit the same thing exactly again. The difference isn't huge, but at the gusset increases it began to occur to me that I didn't recall doing what I was doing last time. After much examination of the first sock, and not being able to actually work out exactly what I DID do, I knit the second sock in a manner that I thought resembled what I did on the first sock. It was not the same. Doesn't seem to be affecting the sock at all though, but if you look closely at that area on both socks, you can see they are different. Maybe I should try the knitting-two-socks-at-the-same-time option for my next pair? Either way, neither of the above socks are quite as the pattern would have intended them to be, but meh.

Oh, and I've decided to go with the not-quite-matching-but-the-same option from a previous post, as I really can't face knitting this a third time!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Omo Scarf - Progress

in the absence of anything terribly exciting to blog about, here is the latest pic of my Omo Scarf:

I weighed it all up last night and I'm about halfway through the 100gm skein. It's still not long enough, but it's pretty long! I'll keep going until I'm happy with the length, or the ball runs out. Whichever happens first. I had put this down for a bit in favour of the Azure socks, but the colour dilemma has made me lose interest in those, so I picked this up again. Unfortunately this meant that I spent a good deal of time yesterday unknitting, instead of knitting! It took me a while to get the pattern repeat set in my head again. Also knitting while trying to amuse children at the same time clearly doesn't work for me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What to do, what to do?

My problem might be obvious from the pic:

Not sure what to do about this. The difference is much more obvious IRL. I have 150gms of this wool, all in 50gm balls. I thought I'd picked the two that had the most of the blue colour through it, but obviously not! The third ball would go much better with the sock in progress. Just not sure what to do, since I've got one complete sock. I figure I've got two options:

1. Live with it. Have a pair of socks that are the same, but different.

2. Knit a third sock when I'm done with the second, and frog the first sock and use that for something else (baby knit maybe?)

Can't think of any other options at this point. Anyone got any ideas??

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Azure Socks - half of a FO

I can't believe I've finally finished this sock. I'm so over it! and I've got another one to go. I had many problems with this sock, all to do with me, and none to do with the pattern. After the hassles I had getting started, I had numerous other hassles with the heel also. After switching from dpns to magic loop, I finally got past that point and managed to finish it off. Of course then I cast it off too tight! So had to undo that and do it again. Still too tight. So back again, and this time I ended up having to rip out the ribbing in the cuff completely and do it all over again **lots of eye rolling going on here**. It's still a bit tight, but I can live with it, and I'll be sure to cast the next one off differently in the hopes it won't be so tight. Other than that I love the pattern, the yarn, and the sock fits perfectly! A huge relief since initially I thought it would be to big and I'd have to redo anyway, and also seeing as I didn't bother swatching and just picked some needles and went with it LOL So here it is. One down, one to go. Don't hold your breath waiting for the next one though.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rainbow Beanie - Finished

Just a few pics of the FO, so I can get some closure LOL