Monday, April 18, 2011


These little guys have been popping up on Ravelry and they are so cute I just couldn't resist making some!

My plan was to hang them on the "tree" with the other Easter decorations I picked up recently. The "tree" is actually just some branches with lights on them.

They make a nice decoration in the room and at Christmas it occurred to me that I could hang some baubles on them and it might look good. It did! So when I found some sparkly Easter egg decorations in Spotlight I brought them home and decorated the tree for Easter.

These little guys lasted on the tree for about 5 minutes before Miss F figured out a way to get them down and spent the rest of the night running around with her chick-chicks. I think I'll let her have them for Easter. She can really do without all the chocolate.

I used WOOLganic 8ply for all of them and they were really quick to whip up. I did two in a couple of hours and one more later that night. They still need some feet, but for now they are ok and looking really cute.