Friday, October 12, 2007

Chocolate Swap - For Moi!

Another swap on Woolaholics. This time Chocolate!! Well, technically Chocolate and Coffee/Tea, but I think the focus was originally on chocolate :)

My parcel arrived this morning, and here's a picture:

Here we have a couple of Timeout Hazlenut Crisp bars (which I've never seen before so I'm really looking forward to trying these!), some Belgian praline chocolates, which I am not going to share with anyone else! A package of English Breakfast Tea (my favourite!) and an extra little surprise of some beautiful yarn! My swapee says you can't eat chocolate and not knit, and I tend to agree with her :) I really love the colours of this yarn, something I definitely wouldn't have picked for myself, and very suited to a chocolate swap too.

Thank you so much to my secret swapper. Everything is much appreciated!

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