Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bye bye, 2010

I achieved my goal of finishing my two WIPs before the end of 2010! The first was my mum's Christmas socks, and then these:

Flutter-by socks (Rav link)

These were a really fun pattern to knit up. They went pretty quickly too, which is great when you have two of them to make! I had knit the first sock before I even started my mum's socks but I put them down to make hers. I had actually intended to knit one of these and then knit one of hers, and then do the same with each second sock. But Christmas crept up on me and I needed to finish mum's socks first.

Anyway, I scraped these in by finishing up the foot on our little after-Christmas camping trip, and grafting the toe on New Year's Eve! Yes, what an exciting life we lead... me knitting at home on the couch on NYE. But really, we had spent 6 hours driving home that day and life with small children means our days of partying are kind of over. I even skipped the ringing in of the new year and went to bed at 11pm!

So apart from a couple of UFOs which are really long-term WIPs, I was project free at the beginning of the year. Kind of.


Anonymous said...

I love your socks, the pattern and yarn are perfect. Happy new year

Lou's Mum said...

thanks Kris :) happy new year to you too.