Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Small Things Swap - What I Made

I made these for my swapee. They are now with her so it's safe to show it off here. This is about all I've managed to knit recently.

I can't even link to these patterns because all of my knitting links were accidently deleted :( and I can't be bothered going to find them again right now so I can insert them here, so you'll just have to enjoy the pic and wonder how on earth I can be so clever LOL

The teddies were quite easy, and I have another two to make for my boys. The pattern was "Bubby" ( I think) from knitty.

The bag was really easy too, even though I did manage to mis-read the pattern and did the short rows wrong. After I blocked it you couldn't tell and it looked pretty good. It's just small, so enough to hold keys and a phone maybe, or even a ball of yarn for some take-away knitting.


Sam said...

gorgeous! I've seen the bear pattern at Knitty before, but now I've seen them knit up it's definitely gone on my to-do list! lucky swapee!

Peta said...

They are so cute, your swappee must be thrilled!