Monday, September 10, 2007

Do you think he was hungry Pt 2?

This is what happens when you leave your almost 2 yo unattended, thinking that he's happily watching Play School with his older brother.

That would be the remains of the chocolate cake that I planned to bake today. All this happened while I was doing the dishes/cleaning the kitchen/doing laundry, so my theory that housework is bad rings true LOL I should have been supervising my children and not cleaning the house! At least now I have a bit of motivation to arrange to have the couches cleaned. Thankfully most of it stayed dry, although there were some wet bits. Most on him. Check out that hand!


lucretia said...

Wow, that looks BAD! lol I pity you haven't to clean that up.

sarah said...

oh. no.

well i have 2 boys, so i am un-shockable by mess pictures, but i AM shocked that a) you have a cream loungesuite and b) until The Chocolate Cake Incident it still looked like a cream loungesuite.

So for a) and b) - WOW. I am impressed ;)

And yes, housework is evil.

Lou's Mum said...

LOL Sarah :)

I'm shocked that it's still cream also. that couch has been vomited on by numerous children (some not my own), been used as a tissue, a paper towel... etc. It certainly is The Amazing Cream Couch.

in our defense though, it was purchased pre-children. we weren't thinking about children at the time of purchase.

Rebecca said...

Wow Kim that is a mess. Reminds me of yesterday when Flynn brought a plant in from outside minus the pot carrying in by the top and dumped it on the lounge room floor, hense a similar mess to your.

Mel : ) said...

very messy...but very cute (i can only say that cause im not the one that had to clean it up though!) :D