Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Knitterly happenings and a bit of techno failure

It's amazing what being without the computer for a week and can do for the state of my house LOL A few weeks ago our PC decided it didn't want to work anymore :( so a week and many $$ later we have a new one, but it was quite liberating during that time not to have the temptation of turning it on "just to see if there was anything going on" LOL I stayed on top of things, my house was relatively organised, and I even got some knitting done!

This is the beginning of an Eyelet Yoke Cardigan for F. I've only got a Rav link for this, so I won't link it. This is my second attempt at starting it. Had to frog it due to operator error, and I also decided that it might be better if I made the 1year sizing rather than the 6month sizing - that way I've got a whole year to get it done and it might have a fighting chance of fitting! LOL

I also managed to start and finish another Bilby Baby Hat....

Please excuse the crying baby, she didn't feel like modelling right then LOL This hat is a gift for someone else. I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and it's lovely and soft. I'm going to make F another one in pink. She's already go the Pear Tree Merino one I made in green too.

And this is what was going to be Clementine's Baby Kimono.

Not sure if I'm going to finish it or frog it and just make myself some socks sometime. It was the Feb Yarn Collective Sock Club installment. I'm just not feeling the love for all the ribbing, and then when I finish it I'll have to seam it. I really can't be bothered with it tbh. Sadly it's close to being finished so I'm still in two minds, but I suspect I'll be ripping it out eventually as I have no intention of picking it up in the near future.

And in other news, I found lice/nits in L's hair this morning :( So today will be spent hot washing, spraying and combing. Probably not knitting.


sarah bean said...

Oh, boo to nits!

Cool that you found your knitting (and housework) groove though - I've discovered the opposite, that starting up blogging again after a break has done CRAP to the state of my house, lol


tikki said...

Oh tell me about lacking the ribbing love for this project, I was going to make two and so couldn't face it after finishing just one. In fact, the ribbing drove me so insane I still haven't sewn it up LOL