Saturday, November 22, 2008

I think he's got the message

We don't smoke. In fact I've never even tried smoking. But both my parents smoke. Well, my Dad did, but it eventually killed him. My mother, she continues to poison herself regardless. Anyway, we've always pointed out to L that smoking isn't good. And he knows Nana smokes. He takes every opportunity to advise her on the dangers of smoking, and of course he does this in a way that only a 5yo could do LOL You know, by telling her SHE'S GOING TO DIE! if she doens't stop smoking. Subtle.

So for reasons I cannot remember at this point, a conversation about smoking ensued in the car yesterday. Of course that conversation turned to Nana. This was L's new suggestion....

L: I know, let's hang a sign on Nana that says...



Me: "Ummm.. I don't think Nana will be too happy with that L", followed by stifled guffaws and pants-wetting in the front seat.

Lucky I was pulling into a parking space and not continuing to drive on the road at this point.

Ahh.. kids LOL

1 comment:

sarah bean said...

umm yeah, Nana probably wouldn't have gone for that. ROFL

Kids and their ideas are just awesome :D bwahahaha