Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not a stalker.... really.

Although you could be forgiven for thinking that I am LOL Especially if you read this blog.

If you don't, well then you should! Kelly makes some beautiful things, and I'm just going to defend myself by saying that I would have found all of the patterns myself eventually, and wanted to knit them anyway. She's just a faster (better) knitter than me and gets there first! LOL And really, why do all the hard work of searching for patterns etc, when I can just surf blogs and ravelry queues and let everyone else do the legwork for me?!

And so here is my Rose of Sharon....

This was so much fun to knit and I really, really, really heart this EcoBamboo. It can be a little bit splitty, and it's quite slippery so I had a hard time keeping it on the nickel knit picks (the Harmony tips gripped it much better), but it is just so lovely to knit with, and the finished objects feel so silky to touch. Even my DH likes touching it! and he usually just calls me a knit-wit and rolls his eyes, when I gush over yarn LOL I've got a bunch more in cherry which I'm going to use for something for myself (stalker alert again - Kelly's already done one of them LOL).

And I just have one word for this colourway (Macadamia, btw) - CREAMY! Oh my, I just wanted to get myself a big bag of chocolate-coated macadamias and devour them while I was knitting this! I'm not sure if this was the intent of the colourway, but if it was then it worked! I've got about a ball and a half of it left, so I'll have to find something I can knit for F that will match the hat.

In other knitting news, I've been knitting up some more dishcloths. Great instant-gratification projects and useful too. Although they still aren't making me love doing the dishes any more than I did before.


Dyelicious Hand Dyed Yarns said...

You crack me up Kim!! ROFL PMSL!!!

Looks lovely!

....So....what is next with the cherry??

Lou's Mum said...

I think I'm going to *try* a sassymetrical :) will be interesting since I'm quite a bit bigger than the pattern is written for! should be *fun* LOL

Lucky-1 said...

Very cute......:D