Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snapshot of my life

In the absence of any finished projects, or much else interesting to say! I thought I'd put up pics of a few things that occupy my time (other than my children, which totally dominate me!).

So here's my knitting. Well some of it at least. While things are in progress they generally sit on this little lamp table beside the couch. I can pick them up easily at anytime by leaving them here, and so far this has worked ok. Access to the table is blocked by an ottoman, so it's all been relatively safe from Miss F... until recently. She's worked out there's a back entrance and it looks as though I will have to make the effort to put this stuff away finally. The boys leave it alone for the most part too. They both are showing an interest in learning to knit, and I'd love to teach them. L already has some kids needles that I bought him a while ago. M is a bit young yet I think, but he likes to hold my wool while I'm knitting.

I do have to confess that this is not all of the WIPs. Others which are in hibernation are in project bags, or stuffed into various drawers around the place also. I do try to keep it to a minimum though, and there's only 3 current WIPs in the photo. I am itching to cast something new on though, but I think I'll have to have a WIP month again sometimes this year and knock a few off the list.

Next we have a fairly new distraction....

I wasn't going to succumb to the craze - I rarely do. In fact before this, the last major game technology we have is a Playstation. And when I say Playstation, I mean the original. Not PS1 or PS2. The very first one. And we got that one late in the game too. L plays it occasionally and has no idea how far behind the times we are LOL But back to the Wii.... there was a great deal on, and we needed something that would get us off the couch, before our Homer-dents became irrepairable LOL Note that I've taken the photo while it's still in it's hiding place of a drawer in our bedroom. The children do not know that we have this. Shhhhhh... Not that I think they even know what it is (we miminise their exposure to advertising etc) but if they saw we had it, they'd for sure want to know what it was, and then want to play with it, and I don't want to have to listen to the nagging about it all day! And I like that it's Mummy and Daddy's special "toy" LOL Although I'm a bit annoyed with Wii Fit for telling me I'm overweight and making my Mii pudgy! So it's a lot of fun, but it takes away from knitting time. At least I'm able to fit more knitting in during the day these days to make up for it!

Lastly is my PSP. This was another major leap into gaming technology for me! I actually got this a few Christmases ago and I played it quite a bit to begin with, but not so much lately. Although the fact that I've got it out on the desk instead of put away, means that I am trying to get back into it. I've only got the one game (well two if you count the new one that DH got me for Christmas last year, but I haven't even opened that one!). It was the Simpson's edition (hence the yellow) and I'm completely stuck at Lard Lad :( I've been trying to defeat Lard Lad for months. Actually, maybe closer to a year? Sad I know... I know how to do it, it just takes so long and you have to do it all in one go, so I just keep giving up. I'll get him one day though....

So there's just a few things that take up some of my time. I could show you the numerous baskets of clothing that need to be folded, or the ginormous basket of ironing that I keep hiding behind the curtains in the bay window, but I'm sure a lot of you have plenty of those of your own to keep you amused LOL

What else takes up your "spare" time??

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Bec said...

Uni would have to be my biggest non-knitting time suck. Lately I've been doing a fair bit of baking and today broke out the sewing machine so maybe I'll sew more over winter as well.