Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick post

I feel like I've crossed the line with things I'm doing at the moment. Or I should say things I want to be doing. I've got far too much going on at once I think. I've got some fabric cut to make pants for F (hopefully!), but I can't seem to find the time to get the machine out. I've cast on two new projects in the last few days that I'm not getting anywhere with, when I've got unfinished stuff waiting to be finished. I spend far too much time sitting at the PC looking at stuff, as opposed to actually doing anything. And I've let my internet addiction take over again, so this one will be quick before I turn the PC off and try to get my act together again!

So first an FO. The vest for M. I had to modify the neck for this one to make it slightly rounded to get it over his head. Turned out ok I think and he's worn it a few times so that's a plus. I don't like the neck and arm shaping in the pattern of this, so I've got one for L unfinished that I'm going to do my own thing on and hopefully I can get a v-neck that fits over his head.

My birthday presents purchased with birthday money.

This book has been the cause of my knitting frustration I think. So many socks in here that I want to knit! And already half-way through the other book.

Next is my new toy (and my first attempt - it looks like a nasty tangled mess, but it wasn't all that bad, that's just what it looked like once I took it off the spindle). Haven't had a lot of time to play with it unfortunately and not likely to in the next few weeks either. Lots of time to watch more youtube videos on how to do it properly!

And some delicious fabric that arrived this morning from the Crafty Mama Shop. Have plans to make some things for F with all of these, but what I don't know yet. It's so lovely though, that I'm really feeling afraid of using it!

And that's it. PC is off for the rest of the day. Dishes will be done and groceries will be purchased!

On reflection this wasn't such a quick post!


Anonymous said...

Love the vest - cute elephants! But I so hear you on the craft overcommitment! And have sock innovation in the post too, so it sounds like things are only going to get worse...

Rebecca said...

Kim I have the exact same books coming in the mail ATM TOo FUNNY or is it great minds think alike. LOL

Kylie said...

The elephants are so so cute - shame about that pattern though - I was thinking of ordering in the book as you can not find good 8ply vneck patterns - humm - wonder if I can fudge a pattern up myself! Love the birthday presents and the spindle and of course the CM fabrics.