Monday, June 29, 2009

A sock.

And not really a very exciting one at that.

I'm falling behind on my plan to knit a sock per month. Which actually started out as a pair of socks per month of course. Socks are interesting to me. I love knitting them. I like the small needles and the thin yarn. I like that I don't have a huge pile of stuff sitting on my lap. I like that I can stuff them in a small bag and put them away so little hands can't get hold of them. I like that I have a very usable item when I'm done with them. But I have so. much. trouble. deciding what pattern to knit and with which sock yarn. I think the major problem is that I mostly have very pretty variegated colourways in my sock yarn collection (yes, it feels more like a collection that I should put on display than a stash). And I like pretty patterned socks. Often the two don't seem to go together. I need more plain sock yarn, or at least less variegated, maybe more semi-solid colours. Or something.

Anyway, here is this month's sock. Actually it's May's sock. I started it in June. But lets not get into technicalities.

It's the Sell Your Sole sock. Just plain stockinette. I added the picot cuff for a bit of interest as per some other projects on Ravelry. I've been afraid of plain socks, because I thought that (a) they'd take forever, and (b) they'd be boring. But this has been suprisingly quick and interesting, funnily enough. It's been a nice relaxing knit without any charts to follow or purls to make at the beginning of a needle (which annoy me no end, btw). I wouldn't call this a pattern so much. I didn't really follow the instructions for the gusset decreases, because I always add a few more rows to my heel flap anyway to accommodate my high instep. The second sock is already over half done too, btw. Just in case you were wondering. I have until tomorrow to finish it if I want to meet my goal.

I love how the colourway has knitted up. I really don't think I could have found a patterned sock that would have been so nice in this yarn. It is a 5ply, which would account a bit for the speed at which it has gone, but still, it's pretty relaxing just knitting something small round and round. I can see more plain socks in my future!

I don't have much else to show on the knitting or sewing front, although I am trying to get stuff done. A currently-absent husband and the onset of illness in the remaining four of us literally the minute he left has meant that I've spent far more time wiping up snot than knitting. Hope to have some more projects finished in the near future though.


Sam said...

i love all those things about socks too! Another reason, is that you can get a full wearable 'garment' out of only 1 skein... So I'd also add that socks are the budgeting knitters friend ;)

Peta said...

Very pretty colours Kim, glad I'm not the only one who struggles to match yarn with a pattern. Hope you are all feeling better soon!