Monday, March 15, 2010

Powering along

All up now I've made 30 circles!

We worked out that there are approximately 504 colour combinations available to me with the 9 colours I'm using! So that means that I should be able to finish the blanket without repeating a colour combination! I'm still undecided about what colour to use as the "hex" part and for joining them all together.

As luck would have it, I am currently knitting something in dark navy, so I took this photo of a circle with each colour on the edge placed on my knitting to get an idea of what it might look like.

I do like the way it looks. Any opinions welcomed :)

I do also love the fuschia and the purple, but if I use one of those then all the circles that finish with those colours will maybe be a little lost. I'm not sure. For the moment though I'm going to just continue making circles until I have used up all my yarn. I'll made a decision on the final colour then. That should give me plenty of time to think about it!


Stitch Sista said...

My preference would be for a lighter background colour but that's just the way I see it in my head!

Riches Stitches said...

Just a thought, if you use the same colour for all of them I think you may find that the hexagon pattern may get a little lost. The Attic24 pattern that I think you are using joins them as you go, so the hexagons will blend into each other. Maybe use two differnt colours, a light and a dark and alternate them if you want them to look similar. I don't know if you have looked on flickr at the Attic24 Inspired Group. There are heaps of ideas on there.
Jane 80)

Lou's Mum said...

I'm going to have to think about it for a while I think!

Jane, I thought about that, but I really do love the circles more than the actual hex shape! I also prefer the look of the projects that have used the one colour more than the ones that are mixed up. I think I'd have a hard time putting all the colours together and having to live with colours that maybe aren't so great next to each other! I'm a bit anal like that!