Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Do you go through different phases with your knitting? Or whatever craft(s) you like to do?

After a few years of knitting it's becoming apparent to me that I do. For a while it was socks. I couldn't get enough of knitting socks. I even started this year out (again!) with my stash-sock-club, and I did well with that until my new phase started to take over...

Next it was scarves and cowls. Particularly cowls. I think this was fueled by the super-bulky and extremely lovely Head, Heart & Hands range. Of course I nabbed some of this when it first came out and then wondered what on earth I'd do with one skein of super-bulky yarn! Scarves and cowls it was! I couldn't get enough of them. Strangely so, considering scarves were never really something I wore and not something I really wanted to knit because I perceive them to be generally boring. Not so when they're done in chunky yarn! And they've come in extremely handy when I'm standing at the bus stop at 7.45am and it's only 5 degrees!

But now I can feel a new phase coming on... this time it's cardigans. I can't get enough of looking at them on Rav and queueing them or favouriting them. I've even finally cast one on for myself!

Hopefully I can finish it before the next phase starts. Socks are looking good again.

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Sugar Pop Cafe said...

Absolutely! Swings and roundabouts for me... But I'm always inspired seeing new things.