Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well, I haven't really been *missing*. I've been *around*. Just got nothing to blog about.

A few things have gone wrong around here lately, not the least of which was all four of us being sick with one thing or another throughout the entire two weeks of school holidays. So no knitting has been done. Well, nothing too productive at least. And quite frankly, after discovering the error I made in reading the pattern for my CPH sleeves, I've become a bit unmotivated to go on :( I will eventually finish that though, but I'm not in any hurry any more as it's clear I won't be wearing it this winter. Something to look forward to next year though.

So I'm sticking to small projects now, nothing more for myself for a while (including Green Gable, which I'll probably have to postpone until next year). I do have wool for 3 different pairs of shorties to knit up for M for this spring/summer, so I should get cracking on those if I want them all ready by the time it warms up. He also needs a few more soakers as he's growing out of the one's we do have. And of course I have the Woolaholics *Small Things Swap*, which I need to get started ASAP if I want to meet the deadline!

So plenty to keep me busy. Just no pics of anything right now. THE HAT is going ok, and I think I've got the sizing worked out now, but progress pics of that look much the same as the pic that's already up, so I'll wait until it's finished.


Bec said...

Big hugs and sending healthy vibes your way.

Lou's Mum said...

thanks Bec :)