Monday, July 9, 2007

Sea Horse Dancing Longies

Finally finished these up on Saturday night. The actual knitting finished on Friday night, but I grafted the crotch and took care of the loose ends on Saturday, so that's my official finish time :)

I must say I am extremely happy with the way they have turned out, despite a few *errors* in my completion of the pattern. They are minor though, and entirely due to lack of concentration. My stitch markers kept falling off for some reason, and of course I didn't notice this immediately so I think my replacing of the markers wasn't entirely accurate. This means that they are a little skewiff if you look closely, and there's also a few more stitches on one leg than the other, due to me forgetting it was like that and just continuing to knit when I picked them up after a couple of days break. Oh well. The join where I swapped balls is visible on the front, but it's not terribly ugly and will be covered by a top mostly anyway, so I'm not bothered with that. I'm just glad I finally worked that technique out!! I just need more practice.

I did think that I would try to embellish these, but I'm undecided. I always find the yarn so beautiful on it's own that I don't want to cover it up, so I'll think about it some more.


sarah said...

They are gorgeous! I love the fancy bits at the bottom :D

Lou's Mum said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Oh they are gorgeous! well done!

Anonymous said...

i this colourway is divine just as is, the moss stitch cuffs really set the longies off - well done

Anonymous said...

whoops, lets' try again shall we?

i think the seahorse longies look divine as they are K, you've done a brilliant job on the seed stitch cuffs, really sets the longies off to perfection, well done!