Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Addiction Begins

Two's a pair.

Here is my very first finished sock.

I'm calling it the *Not-Quite-International-Sock-of-Doom*, due to the fact that I actually didn't do the sock of doom ribbing, as set out in the pattern, but just did k3, p3 ribbing instead. This was not planned, but it was way too late to go back when I realised I had done this, so I kept going because I figured it would still work. The yarn is Knittery 8ply merino, which was hand-dyed by Bec when Angel Blossom was alive. The colourway was *Blue Rainbow* if I remember correctly.

I attempted magic loop to create this and I must say I love it! So easy once I got the hang of it. A few false starts getting off and running, but pretty easy once I got into the swing. And no unsightly loose bits where you switch from needle to needle, like I was getting on my now defunct Jaywalkers. I shall be using this technique more in the future I think :) Only one minor issue of a couple of loose stitches on one side where I moved to the heel flap I think. Not sure why they are loose, but I can fix it by redistributing it a bit I think. Pretty happy for a first time sock anyway :) All up I think I spent about 5 hours on the sock, which I started on Friday and finished Monday night.

And just in case anyone thinks I'm going to fall victim to the SSS (second sock syndrome) I cast on the second one last night and I'm itching to get that one finished!!


lucretia said...

That looks fantastic!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

ditto!! well done- I've just completed my first spck too using a 30cm circ and it was so much easier than dpns but i'll be trying ML once i get my knitpicks.

Lou's Mum said...

I saw your sock Kris, it looks great! I'd like to try on a small circ too, but I must say magic loop was pretty good :)

Bec said...

Wohhoo Kim!! Well done :) :) Watch out, you will soon get the sock bug good and proper :) I change the way I knit socks depending on the mood. I am in a DPN frame of mind at the mo :)

Dyelicious Hand Dyed Yarns said...

Wow - looks great:D Watch out the sock bug is pretty dangerous lol!!

Lou's Mum said...

well, I'm already up to the foot part of the second one, and I'm off to the LYS tomorrow to get me some yarn for the next pair I want to do! woohoo for payday LOL