Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My First UFO Month Finished Object - Trice

Now I know that September doesn't start until Saturday, but I was feeling motivated the other night so thought it best to go with that feeling. It did take me two days to finish this off (not entire days, but I did the bits needed across two days!) and I finally sewed on the last piece last night! L took it to bed with him and seems to love it. The eyes are a bit dodgy (as are many other bits of it LOL) but it's finally finished and I am soooooo relieved!!

And I think I am done with toys. I really didn't enjoy making this much, apart from the fact that I knew I was making it for my beautiful son and I knew that he would love it no matter what it looked like LOL but it was just so fiddly, and generally a pain to do. I think it actually looks more like a pig in this pic than a triceratops LOL but L doesn't seem too bothered by that. There are actually two more dinosaurs that I promised to knit him but I'm definitely not motivated to do that. He did say he wants me to knit him a mouse, so maybe that won't be quite as painful. I'll see how I feel.


Dyelicious Hand Dyed Yarns said...

Awww - he's super cute!

Peta said...

He's so cute, I bet your son loves him to bits!

Anonymous said...

he looks great! maybe felting might be less painful as its knitted larger?