Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Azure - progress

Progress so far:

It's actually coming along really well, and it's knitting up pretty quickly. Still working on my dpn technique to try and avoid ladders. They aren't noticable here, but there is a very noticeable one running through the centre of the bottom of the foot. It's not as huge as my ladders have been before, so I'm obviously getting better, but it's there. Anyway, I feel as though these might be running a little big anyway. Not 100% yet, but I have a feeling that wear will cause them to stretch and be too baggy on my feet. I'm going to keep knitting a bit more though to get a better idea, but not sure what to do if they are too big. I guess going down a size in needles might help, only I don't have the next size down. I have recently purchased some correct sized needles from here, but they are not yet in stock so not sure when I'd have them. I don't really want to knit a whole sock that's going to be too big, so I'll knit these to the heel I think and see if I can get a better idea of size then.


Melinda said...

How do you avoid these ladders? I get them too, in between the dpns.

Lou's Mum said...

most of the advice I've seen so far just says to pull extra tightly on the first stitch on the new needle LOL it seems to be working so far. also shifting the stitches around every couple of rounds I think, so the same stitches aren't at the beginning of the needles for the whole sock.