Monday, December 31, 2007

Winter knits

I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to knit my boys hats for the winter. Yep. It's the middle of summer - in fact today it is 42 degrees outside - and I've been in here knitting hats for winter. Well, one hat so far at least. But more to come. I figure if I wait until winter they just won't happen, so I'm getting organised early :) Not like my Christmas cards that I wrote out, and then never posted. oops. Anyway, here's the progress on the first one:

This yarn is Four Bags Full merino which was a custom dye job by Rach a loooong time ago. It's "Black Rainbow". I actually bought it with the intention of knitting M some shorties, but that never happened and then I decided it was far to beautiful to soak up wee. My big boy L loves rainbows, so he gets a rainbow winter beanie :) This has progressed more than this pic shows, and I'm actually nearly finished it. Most of this was knit up on Christmas day, as we had a lazy day at home, boys playing with toys, and me knitting, which was lovely! I had a few false starts trying to get the sizing right. I'm not following a pattern. Just using the Yarn Harlot's guide to knitting a basic hat to your measurements. It's working out well and I doubt I'll ever buy another winter hat for my boys. Too much fun knitting them myself instead. I've even got plans for one for DH! M will be next though. Knitting hats is fun :)

But apart from that not much other knitting has been going on. I received my lovely Knit Picks Harmony needles the other day, which I'll post a pic of soon, but haven't manage to start anything on them as yet. I want to get this hat finished first. Other than that my time has been taken up by trying to salvage some constructive activity out of the last few days of 2007. So I've been madly clearing out wardrobes full of boxes of stuff that have sat there untouched for 5 years and getting rid of other miscellaneous junk, oops I mean, highly valuable stuff of great sentimental value. Well it would be for me to have hoarded it for this long, right?

So Happy New Year to everyone, and hope you all have a very safe and healthy 2008!

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