Monday, December 10, 2007

Frickety Frack

On Saturday night I cast on this, and approximately 2 hours later this was my progress:

Now I'm all for learning new techniques, and I suppose it wasn't actually the new technique that caused so much angst, as it was my lack of ability to interpret a pattern. After no less than 4 attempts to get started - and possibly more, I really lost count - I got to this point. And after all that, I had to rip it all out on Sunday morning anyway, because I finally realised my pattern reading error. And really it was much easier to start all over again than to unknit. Frickety Frack. Anyway, I am now an "expert" on this cast on technique, so much so that I can probably now do it in my sleep. So that's got to be an upside, right?

Anyway, not to be outdone by my poor pattern reading skills, my equally poor chart reading skills had to have their share of the limelight. What I have learnt today is that if you are going to knit from a chart, it is generally best if you KNIT FROM THE CORRECT CHART. Yes, I know it will be a revelation to you all to find this out. It certainly was for me. So after spending my Sunday evening obliviously knitting from the wrong chart, and all the time wondering why on earth the stitches didn't seem to be lining up with the chart, unknitting 3 rounds of incorrect knitting while also attempting to watch L at his swimming lesson today, and some more knitting this morning while the boys ate lunch, from the correct chart, I now have this progress to share:

Yes, knit-lovers. It has taken me 3 days to get this far. At this rate these socks will be ready just in time for winter. Perfect.

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lucretia said...

This is about why I gave up knitting socks... hours of work to get 2cm then I'd realise it was wrong and had to be ripped. Ouch! lol

You have impressive persistance.