Sunday, March 30, 2008

An FO and a semi-FO

Since this is supposed to be my knitting/craft blog, I guess I better post something that relates huh. I have actually been quite productive and have finished a few things, and still have one in progress that is going slowly. Can't post these yet though, as they'll be a give-away ;)

But I have finished this....


and these....

The top two go together and are the Bilby Baby Jacket and Hat, from the pattern I received in my RAOK swap from Woolaholics. Very cute both of them and easy and quick to knit up. I knit the hat in the round, although that pattern is written for flat. Pointless seaming doesn't appeal to me ;p Speaking of seaming, the jacket isn't technically "finished". I still have to seam one side. Will try and get that done before the baby arrives LOL The Pear Tree merino was so lovely to knit with. I want more, but can't seem to find anyone with any in stock!! I've got quite a bit left too, so I'll knit up some baby socks to match also when I can.

The bottom photo is my RAOK swap items. I'm pretty sure my swapee doesn't read my blog so I think I'm safe to post them (even though I haven't sent them yet... oops, my bad). They are going in the mail tonight. I've included something else with it also. The items are Fetching and Flourish. I'll come back later and update with some links. I got them from Ravelry anyway. I love the fetching... well, not this pair (not that I don't like them) but the colour isn't really me, but it is my swapee's colour. I'm making myself a pair in a colour I like, as well as a pair for my mum for her birthday.

So I have been plugging away at some things. Just feeling quite tired and having some problems with my hands atm :( I actually think my knitting days might be numbered for the moment. At least until the baby arrives, and after that who knows when I'll have the energy to do anything except feed and care for a new baby and two EXTREMELY energetic boys?! I'm figuring by 3 months I might be able to get some spare time in for stuff like that LOL I'm going to try and keep going with the knitting though, but it's really slowed down with the carpal tunnel :( so I'll do what I can, but don't expect too many more FO's from me in the coming weeks unfortunately.


Stitch Sista said...

Bummer about the carpal tunnel. I usually start to get wicked pins and needles in my hands about now (6 month mark). Fortunately it doesn't seem to affect my knitting but it's a bugger to wake up to in the night!

So you getting nervous yet?!LOL. Three kids, what were we thinking!!

Lou's Mum said...

I'm getting the pins and needles too :( mostly during the night also, which really sucks! seems to be starting during the day now too though :(

Not really getting nervous, it's about now that I think pregnancy should only go on for 8 months LOL I just want it over with tbh. I'll get nervous when the contractions start. And we obviously weren't thinking! haha

Peta said...

I love the cardigan and hat, they are so cute!! And I love tiny knitting, you feel like you're achieving so much.

Anonymous said...

oh bummer about the carpal tunnels, ugh, you have reminded me of yet another 'joy' of pregnancy that I will probably get that I had forgotten about!

And I'll join in the 'what was I thinking' LOL, 3, yikes!
But I am getting all excited for you, hehe.

Anonymous said...

oh Kim, you did get me VERY excited when i saw the link to BILBY jacket and BILBY hat!!! you tease!!!

lovely items anyhoo, i bet F will look divine in them!