Thursday, March 20, 2008

Has anyone seen my brain?

I seem to have misplaced it. Recent examples of my brainless-ness include....

Brainless Incident One
While purchasing fuel I also grabbed a bottle of water and placed it on the counter. Paid for my fuel, packed my card away and promptly left the service station. A short while later, some minutes down the road in morning traffic, I realised that I did not have my bottle of water. Doh. Fortunately I frequent this service station so they *know* me, and how could a pregnant woman who doesn't know how to pump LPG be forgettable anyway? So approximately 3 hours later on my return home I popped in to get my bottle of water, which they had kindly popped back into the fridge for me.

Brainless Incident Two
The very next day, I delivered an order to a customer (who lives approx 45 minutes from me by car). I had to give her $3.50 change. She put her payment on the edge of the table, I gave her $4, she gave me $0.50 cents back. I said my goodbyes, got in the car and took off. Fortunately about 2 minutes later I thought to myself "Did I pick that money up off the table?" For the life of me I couldn't remember, so I had to turn around and go back. Nope. Had left it sitting there on the table. So I essentially paid my customer $3.50 to take some nappies from me. Double Doh.

If anyone sees my brain, please tell it to come home. I need it back. Preferrably before I leave a child somewhere.


sarah bean said...

oh yessss, the ever popular preggy brain. which then moves on to be nappy brain, and currently, 2 years on from my last, I am clinging to something probably entirely imaginary which I like to call "mummy brain".
God save us all, it never ends!!
If you find yours, let me know, maybe mine's there too, having cheese, crackers and drinks.

Lou's Mum said...

there's nothing imaginary about mummy brain! combine mummy brain x 2 with preggy brain and you've got a volatile combination! unfortunately that's my life for the next 5 or so weeks. after that it will be newborn brain, which completely supersedes any other type of brain. and it's the worst kind of brain there is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm still waiting for mummy brain to go away. At least it will give us something to laugh about LOL