Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wooly Mail

I know I said back here that I was going to curb my yarny spending habits, but I did succumb to a few small purchases recently, but all with good reason.

Sock blockers and some Merino/Cashmere sock yarn - Passionfruit - from The Knittery, and two skeins of Lorna's Laces in "Tickled Pink" from The Woolshack, which are birthday presents (or at least spending of birthday money) so don't count as yarn purchases on my part! The other skein is Lorna's Laces "Rainbow". I love the colours of this, although I must say after a look around Ravelry I'm not all that keen on how some of the projects have knitted up. But I had to have it since it was on sale anyway, and have plans to make something for L since he loves rainbows. Maybe some socks for him.

There's also a ball of WOOLganic in "Blossom" in this pic (dark pink at top of pic) which I bought from The Yarn Cafe. I have another ball and plan to make another Kimono for F in this, but I think I'll need another ball judging by the last one that I made. And last but not least, the variegated yarn on the right of the pic is some BFL in "Berry Fuschia" also from The Yarn Cafe, which I had to have also, since all of my yarn stash specifically for soakers etc are boyish colours, and I knew F was a girl so of course I'm justified in enhancing my stash with some girly yarn for her, right?!

And this is the March installment of the Yarn Collective Sock Club from Stitch Sista. I love this and I think I want to cast this on (pattern came with the yarn) ASAP, but knitting time is limited (read non-existent) atm, so not sure if I can manage it just yet.

I have some FO's that I can post now too, but that will have to wait for another day as I'm supervising Mother's Day card making (for Nana), toileting and a baby that needs to be fed all at the same time, while DH is out doing the grocery shopping. Knitting? Some time in my future I think LOL


Fi said...

Love the woolly mail :)

I agree on the rainbow LL - it looks much nicer in person than knitted up. My argosy is a nightmare!! I actually truly dislike it, but I refuse to frog it....Hopefully you will have more luck!

Tracy said...

Tut Tut Lol I'm envious.