Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stash Diet

I've just done a serious budget overhaul, and the news is not good. In order to achieve some of the things we want to do this year (including an overseas trip with 3 children to visit the in-laws!) cuts will have to be made. Sadly this will have to start with my wool/yarn purchasing. I have skeins/balls of wool lying around here all over the place. I have two storage boxes full of dyed and undyed wool. I have two large drawers in the bed which are full of wool and knitting paraphernalia. I have two more wool purchases due to arrive sometime next week hopefully. After that.....


I believe I have enough here to keep me going for quite some time. And certainly after May there won't be much time for knitting anyway, so if I take that into consideration I can probably add about 6 months to how long I think my current stash could last me.

If you read my blog and you see me posting new purchases, then yell at me in the comments. I need help.

Disclaimer: This does not include the Yarn Collective Sock Club installments, which I am already committed to and have coming up throughout this year


Sam said...

hehehe.. I make this same declaration everytime I try to stuff new stash into the stash cupboard! Good Luck!

Tracy said...

I'm guilty too.

Stitch Sista said...

Ooh good luck with that.

I honestly don't find it too much of a problem...moreso that by the time I get to what's in the stash I don't have any interest in it anymore! So my cupboards are full, but I don't know what to do with most of it!