Monday, February 23, 2009

A girl can change her mind, can't she?

Remember my plan for 2009....

2009 - A Plan

There was a thread over on Woolaholics with people's knitting plans for the year. I don't think I can break it down to specific projects and when I want to do them, but I do have some ideas about what I want to achieve this year....

- one pair of socks per month - January done!
- complete my Central Park Hoodie for winter 2010
- 3 squares per month for the afghan I'm (trying to) knit for DH
- I'd like to try a colourwork project - if anyone knows of anything that would be a good starter project then let me know!
- By the end of the year I'd like to be able to sew myself a skirt
- Make that necklace from the kit that my mother bought me for Christmas a few years ago.
- winter jacket/vest for L & M
- New soakers/shorties/longies for F

Well I've had to have a rethink. My knitting time seems to be getting less and less - maybe that's because I've actually been trying to keep up with the housework?! And it seems as though I'm getting slower and slower. Or at least I'm being easily distracted with other things (like wasting time on the computer in the evenings instead of knitting). And I don't think I've come anywhere close to achieving anything on my list so far...

- one pair of socks per month

Well I did get a pair knit in January. And I am almost halfway through the second sock for February. But really and truly, it's all I've been knitting. So if I stick to this plan, all I'm going to knit this year is 12 pairs of socks and nothing else. It's taking me a whole month to knit a pair. So I'm revising this to:

Knit a sock a month - so a pair every other month - 6 pairs this year.

- 3 squares per month for the afghan I'm (trying to) knit for DH

I've managed a half a square so far. That's a pretty poor effort for the approximately 5 I should have knit by now. And the second one is only a boring old garter stitch one. Maybe cause it's boring I can't seem to get into it? Anyway, I will revise this to one per month. At this rate he'll have his rug by the time he retires LOL

- winter jacket/vest for L & M

well it's still summer technically, but if I want these by winter I really should start now. So far I don't even have patterns picked out. I'll get on that this week.

Let's see how that plan is working in a few months LOL

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