Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A shawl

I never thought I was really a shawl type of person. I don't accessorise much at all, tbh. But I've seen some really lovely shawls on Rav, and people wearing them in ways I would never have thought - one of my reservations about shawls is how on earth do you wear them without looking like Grandma??!! I also have had some Noro sitting in my stash since an impromptu visit to my LYS, which I have had no idea what to do with. Then I saw this. And so many pretty ones in Noro! So here is mine.

The colourway is #205. A pretty simple knit, and dropping the stitches was fun! I didn't find it too difficult to do given the grabby-ness of this yarn. Many people complained about this in their project notes on Rav. I liked this particular shawl pattern because it's definitely usable as a scarf too. The Noro feels lovely and soft in my hands, and suprisingly so against my neck too, but I do think it's not a yarn that I could wear too close to my skin for too long. I think it will be more of a shoulder wrap for me. Anyway, I love it. The pic is not so great as the light was bad, and I haven't blocked it yet, but I'm happy with it. There is a lot more dark pink in the colourway too, you just can't see it because I couldn't get it all in.

I had some apprehensions prior to using this yarn. I'd read a lot of negative stuff about it on Rav, and was starting to think I'd end up regretting my not-so-cheap-purchase of this stuff (6 balls in 3 different colourways!). But I have been pleasantly surprised. I only had one join in one of the balls, and the colour match-up, while not the same, wasn't completely different so I was able to just continue on without searching for a more suitable join. I also didn't experience any of the vegetable matter and dirt that seems to be the problem of so many on Rav. And I've rewound all 6 balls, so I'm not talking just about the 2 for this particular colourway.

So for me, this yarn and pattern combo gets a thumbs up! I really feel like making another one, but I should find something different to do with the two other colourways, right?


Jo's Place said...

It's a great pattern isn't it. I knitted this very pattern in the weekend, but haven't made it long enough and cast on and off too tightly so it didn't work as I wanted. Have since frogged it and will try again.

Love your colour choice, isn't Noro beautiful?

Kylie said...

Glad to hear that you did not have the same issues with the Noro as I did. My LYS was suprised that I had so many joins! The shawl looks great.

Peta said...

Looks great Kim, the colours are very pretty.