Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long time no blog

Well, it feels like a long time, but the blog tells me it's only been a few weeks. I could say I haven't really had the time to blog, but I have had plenty of time to waste at the PC, so I really could have blogged while I was here. I'll blame it on the recent bad weather which meant taking nice photos of things was near impossible, so with no pictures I haven't been motivated to write anything.

The sun is out today though so I'll get off my butt and go take some pictures.

One interesting thing that has happened since my last post is that my big boy lost his very first tooth!

It had been wobbly for a while, but finally went completely sideways the night before at scouts, which was quite amusing. It was hanging by a thread the next morning, and my brave big boy just reached in and pulled it out himself! The one next to it is wobbly too, so I expect that will come out soon enough. I whipped him up a little drawstring bag to pop his tooth in, and The Tooth Fairy visited and everyone was happy.

In knitting news, I am working away on a few things and I do have some goodies to share, so I will do the picture thing this afternoon before school pickup post something of knitting interest.

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