Monday, November 30, 2009

A Declaration for December

With the end of the year nearly upon us, I've decided that December will be UFO Month.

I don't want to start the new year with outstanding WIPs. Well, not too many at least.

Remember this photo?

Well I have to confess that it's not a truly accurate representation. There are two other WIPs that didn't make it into the picture. I discovered them after I posted. I did know they existed, they had just momentarily slipped my mind. Yeah, that's right.

But the good news is that one of them just needs some finishing touches, and the other is halfway done.

So out of the above projects, 2 of them will be finished in December, plus the other 2 that aren't pictured. So that's 4 WIPs to be finished before 31st December. The other 3 are socks and I'll keep them as my take-along WIPs, since I haven't worn socks for about a month now and I'm not likely to put any on until maybe March.

The good news is that as a parent of 3 young children, I have no social life, which means plenty of evenings at home to get these done!


Sam said...

are you me? Did I just write this post? mum of 3 kids - check. Many outstanding WIPs - check. WIP denial - check. Penchant for gorgeous project bags - check. No social life - check. hehe, I think we're twins separated at birth

Lou's Mum said...

you could be the sister I never had Sam! lol