Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is getting ridiculous

Forecast for Monday
Fine with high cloud. Light to moderate southwest to
southeast winds.

Precis Fine. High cloud.
City: Min 19 Max 28

Tuesday Fine. Sunny. Min 15 Max 34
Wednesday Dry. High Cloud. Min 20 Max 41
Thursday Possible late thunder. Min 25 Max 41

It's not even summer yet!

In knitting news I have restarted my Rusted R o o t and finally got back to
where I was when I ripped it out
. It's amazing what a sweat you can
work up just sitting, knitting.


Tanya said...

I agree. This has already gotten ridiculous! I am not brave enough to look up our forecast for up here. Head in the sand and it might go away!!

Sarah Bean said...

Forty one. Ouch.

(my word verification for this comment is hydro. heh, fitting.)

sue said...

Oh my god I hope that isnt Melbourne weather this week or I will be keeping the kids home on the 40 plus days. The airconditioning at the schools isnt fantastic and the last time they went on a really hot day they both spent the night with gastro! I am not looking forward to summer I tell you. Even my thongs were sticking to the road the other day when it was super hot.

Lou's Mum said...

That's funny Sarah :)

I'm thinking of keeping L home from school too - the aircon is ok at their school, and they've been keeping them in at lunch, but it's the going-out-to-get-him at 3pm that kills me - I hate having to put us all in the car. At least it has aircon and I have a car adn don't have to walk!