Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm back!

Did you miss me?!

I didn't plan to not blog for so long, but life seemed to take over for a while there. My hands were quite bad for some time and no knitting at all was getting done. Illness hit me, teething hit Miss F and another round of HOT weather left me feeling unmotivated to do anything much at all.

And after all this time I really don't have that much to show off.

I did manage to finish another Shop The Stash project yesterday.

Another Milo, for M this time. This one is in Woolganics Worsted in "Leura". It took just under 4 balls. I made the 3 year size even though M is 4 to allow for the heavier weight yarn. It worked out perfectly, and he put it on right away even though yesterday was warm-ish. I have another one to make for L, but I need to dye some yarn first so I can have a contrasting bodice and trim.

And during all that time when I wasn't knitting, I also didn't drag out the sewing machine once. We seem to have had busy weekends lately and that's really the only time I get to use the machine without disturbing the kids when they are asleep. Oh how I'd love a craft room!

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