Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for some sewing maybe

After all the excitement of organising my stash and projects I find myself not able to knit at the moment :(

I have a recurring problem with my hands and wrists, which sometimes flares up with knitting. It relates back to some work-related RSI from a time when I used to actually go to work! Most of the time it's ok, but every now and then it flares up and is extremely painful :( Things like using the computer and knitting can make it worse, but the weather - particularly humidity - seems to affect me also. It's been quite humid here lately.

So I haven't managed much knitting in the last week or so at all. I tried a little last night, but it was slow going and my fingers are hurting this morning. Usually the problem goes away if I take a little break and try not to use my hands too much. So things like the computer and knitting and (just lately) the Wii will have to be put on the backburner for now.

I was a bit sad about this - especially since I just received some lovely yarn for a project I was keen to cast on immediately, but which will now have to wait - until I realised that it was a good opportunity to get the sewing machine out!

I've got a couple of patterns here which I would love to make, and I have material here to make some new curtains for F's bedroom. I've resolved to get stuck into those for now and hope that my hands sort themselves after a week or two of no knitting.

In non-crafty news, my big boy L started Grade 2 this year and M has begun full-time kindy! M actually started kindy halfway through last year due to the speech delay, so it wasn't as emotional as it could have been! I think Miss F misses him quite a bit though, and the mornings are certainly a bit of a rush to get the boys to two different places at the same time! But he's enjoying it so far. And I'm enjoying the little extra freedom from just having one child at home in the mornings.

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