Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Little Self-Indulgence

Everyone (well, ok, maybe not quite everyone LOL) on Woolaholics has been knitting up these Rainy Day Socks. I love them. They look so sweet. And when I look at the picture I see pink for me. So I decided that I wanted a pair in pink.

I was a bit confused by the pattern as *everyone* said it was a DK weight pattern, which I always think of as 8ply (although I'm a complete novice so really have no idea how much "DK" could encompass), but the pattern says that Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino was used, which is a 5ply. So, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino it is for me. Not cheap at $11.40 per 50g ball! But what the heck. I want pink socks, so I'm getting pink socks :) And it was pay day today, so I can spend my spending money on whatever I like, right?!

This pattern looks like a bit of a challenge for me - attention and technique I think - but I'm looking forward to it. I should be able to finish off my other sock of doom tonight and then I'll be starting on these.

The colour of the yarn is so pretty too. I'm not usually a *pretty* kind of girl, but I do like pink :)


Dyelicious Hand Dyed Yarns said...

Ahh see! Told you the sock bug would bite lol!!!

Rainy Day is a great pattern, you will love it and it will look fantastic in pink (I love girly girly pink :D).

Yell if you get stuck.

lucretia said...

They will look perfect in that colour :) The baby cashmerino is so nice, it's so silky and squishy.

The pattern is actually pretty easy overall, the only bit I didn't like was the almost made me throw things lol I recommend the crochet provisional cast on method used here instead... it's so much quicker and easier.

Lou's Mum said...

ooh, thanks Lucretia. I've been reading the pattern and wondering if there was another way to do it, seeing as I really didn't understand the instructions LOL and I can't crochet. guess I'll be taking a quick lesson!