Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Feeling a bit flat :(

This is fast turning into a whinge-blog! This $%#@& cold is still hanging around. Some days I wake up feeling ok, other days I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck :( today is one of those days. And I have to clean the house today because I've organised a play-date for L, to alleviate the boredom of being stuck in the house with a very pregnant and sick mother.

No FO's to post unfortunately. I do have a WIP which I've had to abandon for a bit due to the hands... AGAIN! I think it must be the weather. It's warm-ish here - not hot, but in the mid-20s and it's been a little bit humid and my hands have been really hurting again :( not to mention the swelling in my feet also. I was casting off one leg of the shorties I was making and my hands were tingly and numb by the end of it :( So I've put them away for the moment - they are one-legged and may stay that way for a while. On the upside I had some yarny goodness arrive in the mail the other day. No pics of that atm, but must get them into my Ravelry stash soon. The downside to that of course, is that I cannot really do anything with it due to the hand situation. So I'm just patting and admiring for the moment.

I'm thinking I'm going to take some knitting to the hospital with me. Maybe I could knit between contractions?! Or during? Surely that would be a distraction to the pain?! LOL Actually I'm thinking I could knit during my stay - you know, because in between feeding and changing, the baby is going to sleep oh-so-peacefully and I am going to be well-rested, with plenty of time on my hands to do stuff like knit LOL I quite enjoy my hospital stays - well, I enjoyed the last one - someone else cooking my meals, cleaning my room, jugs full of ice-chips on call. No ice chips around here that's for sure.

Here's a picture just to break up the monotomy....

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Tracy said...

Hugs from me :) I hope you pick up soon.