Sunday, April 27, 2008

Small disaster

Not exactly sure what happened here, tbh. I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of the kids, because if it was I suspect the hat would be in a much worse state that this if it was!

Don't know if it's possible to fix the hole itself? I think I might have to take the ribbing off and just knit it back on in the opposite direction. That's probably going to be the easiest thing for me to do anyway.

In other knitting, I managed to finish the pair of shorties/longies I was knitting for the new bub. No pic yet, but I'll put one up after it's born. Managed to stuff it up a bit though. That will teach me to try and knit when I'm sick.

1 comment:

Georgie said...

Oh no! A moth? A mouse (eek)? Something sharp/jagged where it was stored?

I hate when that happens :(