Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished Longies

I finally finished the longies for the new bub. Took me way longer than it normally would, but I managed it. I'd like to get another pair done up before the new arrival gets here, but not sure how I'll go. Anyway, here they are....

I used the Picky Pants pattern but just did a k2p2 ribbed waistband with no holes for a drawstring. Not sure if I'll make one to thread through or not yet. Might wait and see how they fit. It's not like the baby is going to be running around much so they fall down a lot. The Yarn is Blackberry Ridge Merino in the Plum Tree colourway which I bought a long time ago from Monster Knits. It's lovely. I think I have enough left to make a soaker also.

And for a size comparison, here is a pic of the longies next to the ones I made for M last year. Back then they were a bit long for him and had to be turned up, now they are the perfect length.

Look how tiny they are!!! You forget how small bubs can be. I'm not really sure on the sizing tbh. The yarn is not the correct weight nor did I use the correct size needles. I just knit the medium (I think) sizing to start with, but didn't increase at all, and then knit the rest according to the small sizing. With my gauge being off though, I guess they are probably a bit between the newborn/small sizing. There is quite a lot of room in them though, so I'm happy that they'll fit decently at some stage.

I cast on the other night for a pair of socks too, using the merino bambino that I used for this hat. I think they are coming out a bit big though as I'm using larger needles. I'll knit another pair on the correct needles next and hopefully get a nice newborn sized sock.


kym said...

So cute!
Amazing looking at them compared to the bigger pair.

Ruth said...

Wow Kim! They are sooo cute! Well done... and I can't belive how small they are next to the big ones!