Monday, July 14, 2008

A Fetching Helena?

Well I think it is anyway :)

Helena is done! Had a few dramas with the edging - picked up stitches according to the pattern and knitting on smaller sized needles but the whole thing puckered and pulled in, so that looked crap LOL Ripped it out and did it again, just by picking up more stitches and I'm much more happy with it now. Although I have decided I don't really like either the look of garter stitch, or knitting it! So if I was to do this again I'd change the edging and the bit between the lace and the bodice to moss stitch. Much prefer the way this stitch looks. Anyway, I'm very happy with the way that it's turned out. I did the 18 month size as my gauge was off, hoping it would be more like the 12 month sizing. As F is still not quiet even 3 months old, it will be a while before I know exactly when this fits LOL But I love it anyway :) Just need to find some suitable buttons. And since Spotlight and Lincraft are my only local options, I'm concerned about this. Already looked at both and found nothing. Anyone know any online button stores?!

And last night I finally finished the other Fetching....

Already been wearing them and they are lovely and warm (could have used them yesterday when I was freezing at the railway museum for the Thomas and Friends thing that was on!). I did forget to cross the cables in the front instead of the back on the second one, so I have an identical pair, rather than a mirror image pair. Meh. No one IRL will know this and it doesn't affect their ability to keep my hands warm, so I can live with it. Now that all the Fetchings are done, I've got to figure out what to do with a few balls of leftover Cashmerino Aran.

So I'm on track with the July challenge. Just have to dig my ball winder out so I can frog the Clementine Kimono, and the next knit to get some work will be the Omo Scarf. Jury's still out on the Rainy Day sock. The first one is a little tight to get on, so I'm not sure just how much wear they might get. I guess I could give them away, but I don't know who would fit them (my feet are big, everyone I know who might like a pair of hand knitted socks has small feet). Will keep thinking about that one.


Melissa said...

I love Helena! Great work Kim. Mum & I always go to the Button Bar in the Adelaide Arcade (or is it the Regent Arcade - I always get them muddled up lol) for our buttons. They have a huge range & are very helpful as well.

Lou's Mum said...

ooh, thanks Melissa :) will have to try and find some time to get into town!

Anonymous said...

Your Helena is gorgeous Kim, beautiful work