Friday, July 18, 2008

July Challenge Progress

I decided to give the other Rainy Day sock a go and this is my progress so far since casting on at 5pm yesterday...

I'm up to the heel flap now. Progress has been helped by an early wake up call this morning - 5.45am to be exact! Can't complain about that though since F slept all the way through to then from 9pm last night! I'm feeling quite refreshed after my almost full night's sleep - discounting the few wake up's I had to check that she was still actually breathing LOL

So I'm thinking I can get this sock done this weekend if I really focus on it. I had been trying to make progress on the Omo Scarf, but I've got approx 6 inches to go if I want to make it as long as the pattern suggests and I'm kind of over the two row pattern repeat. So I'll just plod along with that one for the rest of the month and see how long I can get it by the 30th. Then it's just seaming the Eyelet Yoke cardi and frogging the Clementine Kimono (which should take all of about 10 minutes if I get the winder out) and I think I'm done. Looking forward to August so I can cast on something new! F needs some more handknit soakers so they will be on the list and I promised the boys a pair of socks each too. Oh, and I have a secret knitting project that I'll need to start, if only the yarn I want would get here!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I am envious of that sleep, LOL, I am the cause of my insomnia though...

The sock looks great :)

Nothing like a secret knitting project to get me all curious, LOL.

Good to hear all is well with you :)


Lucky-1 said...

I too have this set of socks on my to do list. Looking for a pretty colour to knit them in.

Love your colour.:)