Monday, July 21, 2008

Two more done!

From this.....

to this....

I feel so much better now that this is gone. Had a hard time unravelling the yarn though :( had to cut some bits off, but I'm sure I still have plenty left for a pair of socks. Will put this away until I find a nice pattern for it.

And finished the Rainy Day Socks.

Shortly before finishing I remembered why I hadn't started the second sock. I'd made a heap of mistakes in the first sock - not really noticeable at first glance, but there nonetheless. But it's really ok I think, since the second sock is far from perfect also :( For a start, I knit according to the pattern. That's good, right? Generally I'd say yes, but this time no. Since the mistakes I made in the first sock have caused it to be a whole pattern repeat longer than the second sock (which was knit error free up to the heel part). So the sock is a bit shorter in the leg. No biggie really, but then the toe on the second one looks a bit weird too. Not sure what I did wrong there, and you probably can't see it in the pic, but when they are on they look a bit odd. Also, I think that I have just knit the foot length a bit too short for my feet anyway. And that's another thing I recall thinking when the first sock was done and remembered once I'd done the second one. Oh well. Not sure if I'll actually wear them now, but my mum showed a liking for them on Saturday so maybe I'll give my mismatched, error-riddled socks to her LOL

It feels good to cross them off the list regardless.

And DH and I had a real heart-to-heart about his throw rug over the weekend too. I just haven't been able to feel the love for it at all. Even though I'm knitting something for my dear husband and all. And I worked out the reason. It's something like 256 stitches wide! It takes me 20 minutes to do one row! So I can knit for an hour or so on it and it really looks like minimal progress. I just can't see an end to it. So we both agreed that it was going to the frog pile, and I would make something for him that involves smaller pieces and seaming. Much as I don't like seaming, I like knitting 256 stitches at once even less. Haven't ripped it off the needles yet, but I am feeling a lot free-er with that no longer hanging over my head LOL

So now what's left? Have to seam the Eyelet Yoke Cardi and organise buttons and finish the Omo Scarf. Definitely going to achieve my July goals PLUS I added another frog to the head count. Woohoo! I think that will leave me with my Central Park Hoodie on the needles and that's it. Oh, and I'm going to frog a few other projects that were actually completed because they never fit F :( I'll reuse the yarn and make the same things in a bigger size for next year I hope!

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