Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So I've had to admit to myself that I am no domestic goddess. Actually, not much of a revelation at all really LOL But for some reason I've always wished I could be. I've decided now that I'm not, and never will be. And I'm proud of it! I mean, who wants to spend their lives making sure their house is clean and tidy in case someone shows up unexpectedly? No one ever shows up unexpectedly around here. And those that do show up at all, know me well enough to know that I'm no domestic goddess :)

So I'm cheating.

Today a lovely lady will be coming to clean my house. Or parts of it at least. I'm flat out just trying to keep up with the volume of washing that goes through here in a week. And not to mention the unexpected things like yesterday, when M suddenly appeared covered head to foot in yoghurt. And then the discovery of the yoghurt smeared all over the floor and chair legs, under the table, where he's recently decided to eat the majority of his meals. Result - quick mop of the floor to make sure the ants don't come in looking for it, and an impromptu bath at 4 in the afternoon for M. And for the record, he wasn't unsupervised as such - I was feeding F - so he helped himself to a snack. And a child lock on the fridge is no help, cause we have one and he can undo it! Nothing like an independent child.

Maybe this will mean more time for knitting during the day? I doubt it because I'm sure I'll still be vacuuming every day and cleaning up yoghurt smears off the window, changing nappies on two children, washing clothes, folding clothes, putting clothes away, making beds, dusting, doing dishes, packing/unpacking dishwasher etc etc.

But maybe I'll also have more time to get my son away from the tv and doing something a bit more constructive. And feeling less guilty about taking the time out to have a bit of fun, while secretly stressing over the state of the bathrooms.

But back to the cleaner.

She'll be here soon, so I need to go clean up LOL

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