Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Misty Mornings

Here is my latest FO.

I test knit the 6 month sizing of this dress. I love it. Such an easy knit. F fits the 6 month sizing though at only 3.5months! And my gauge was spot on for once LOL I think she's huge. The yarn I used for this is just gorgeous too. It's a BFL/Alpaca blend from TYC and sooooo soft. The colourway is "Misty Morning". I keep rubbing it on my face LOL Must get more.

I do have a couple of other things on the go right now too, but no time to take pics of this at the moment. Will get around to it soon.


Bec said...


Right time of year for a misty morning too ;-)

Georgie said...

Oh, it's lovely, and so is F :)

How much yarn did it use? I think I should knit the 6 month size because it might take me a few months to do so. Heh.

Lou's Mum said...

I used pretty much the entire 100gms I had! Wish I had more for a matching hat, but then she doesn't like hats much anyway LOL