Friday, January 9, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

First FO for 2009.


I love these socks. I used a Symmetry sock yarn set from DHDY in "Deepwater". It's beautiful. The photos don't really do the colours justice. So now I have my very own unique pair of Monkey's.... just like the other 7,712 people on Ravelry LOL

I think the yarn works really well with this pattern. I did get a bit of pooling on each, just where the decreases in the gusset are, but barely noticeable. The pattern called for 2.5mm needles, but I upsized to 2.75mm due to having large-ish feet. I'm wondering if I might actually have gotten away with using 2.5mm needles for a more snug fit? I also discovered while knitting these that I probably have a high-instep, which is something I really didn't know seeing as I've never really compared my instep with anyone else's before LOL So I added a few more rows in the heel flap (as per pattern suggestion) to accomodate that and it seems to have solved the problem I have of not being able to get my foot through the sock at foot-meets-heel-meets-leg bit - so the gusset? Anyway, will be doing that more often I think.

I also did a knitted graft for the toe, instead of kitchener stitch, as per an email from Knitting Daily. That was really easy and I'll be doing that again too. The other thing I did was cast on over two 2.75mm needles to give the cuff plenty of stretch. That worked really well too, and solved the problem of a tight cuff that I usually have even though I do a stretch cast on.

Love them.


Tracy said...

Brilliant socks :)

Lucky-1 said...

Lurv those socks:D Colours are just FAB TAB.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous socks!

sarah bean said...

oh my, i do think those may be the coolest socks i have ever seen. i love the colours!
awesome :D

Donna said...

Gorgeous! Love the colours :)
I must get over my fear of sock knitting!

tikki said...

gorgeous kim!! beautiful colours