Monday, January 5, 2009

New Toy

Looky what I got for Christmas.

Let's not talk about how I am not a sewer at all. I plan to learn. Well I did do a little sewing in high school. You know... the door snake type sewing. That was part of Home Ec in Year 9 though, which I failed I might add. Totally failed. I got a "U". The lowest grade possible LOL I really didn't like Home Ec, and I didn't do my homework, so I failed. I was far more eager to get over to the other side of the hall, where they did metalwork, plastics and woodwork. Now that was fun! So anyway, it's not like I've never used a sewing machine before in my life. The machine's actually easy to use (surprisingly to me!), it will be constructing things and having them look as they are supposed to look that will be the challenge. I've already made a bag - it's a reversible project bag and I used this tutorial to do it. I still need to get some ribbon to put in as a drawstring, but the sewing part is done. And it looks like it's meant to!! Yeeha! It was quite fun. Took me about 3 days all up, but probably only about an hours work total. My problem is not having a dedicated place to put the machine, and children who keep *needing* me as soon as I try to do something that they aren't the centre of. How rude!

I did get some knitting done over the Christmas period also, but I can't talk about it. Not just because it's secret knitting, but because it became a knitting disaster :( I've only just yesterday been able to bring myself to undo the part that was a disaster in readiness to do it again :( While trying to ignore that problem I cast on a pair of socks, which I'm almost done with. There wasn't a lot of time for knitting though, with DH on holidays for two weeks. We did lots of stuff out and about with the kids and had a lot of fun while we were at it. One of the highlights was cherry picking, and apart from the 2kgs of cherries we've nearly polished off in the fridge, we have another 2.5kgs of *seconds* cherries in the freezer waiting for me to decide what to do with them!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and here's to plenty of crafting in 2009!


Tracy said...

Congrats on finishing your first project. It looks great :) Nice to see you on CM too.

Lucky-1 said...

I too was given a sewing machine for Christmas :D They are great toys.

Peta said...

What a great present Kim, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!

Mama Mel said...

YAY for the new toy!!! Congratulations - now you definately wont have a life :P

Ruth said...

Great bag Kim! There will be no stopping you now!!

Ruth xx