Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Time

I have more of it. So I've been using it wisely. I've recently extricated myself from a forum that I continually found myself returning to. Not really sure why, just one of those things that I couldn't let go of. Anyway, I recently decided my relationship with it was over and I'm feeling like a weight has been lifted. I haven't been there for more than a few minutes each day, only to tie up some loose ends, and I've been soooo productive around the house. My house is tidy, I've been sneaking in some knitting, some baking, and most importantly some time with my wonderful kids :) I'm so glad I don't feel the pull to sit here and waste more than half of my day in there anymore. I feel so much more productive, and HAPPIER!!!

So here's some recent stuff I've been up to since Easter.....

Platzek - No, that's not dirt on the top. It's a brown sugar/butter/flour mix. Delicious! It's a polish Easter bread that comes from FILs family. MIL makes it at Easter every year so I'm trying to continue on the tradition. Good with butter and a cup of tea :)

Banana cake (that's cream cheese frosting on the top). I buy bananas each week, and they never get eaten. And they seem to ripen at a scarily rapid rate, so I'm always left with 3 or 4 that are too ripe to be eaten by the time the new one's arrive. I think I'm subconsciously wanting to make banana muffins and cake - why else would I continue to buy them when no one eats them in their original form?!

And a little something I'm working on for Miss F's birthday next week. I'm actually well beyond this stage, but I'll put up pics when I'm completely finished.


Tracy said...

Nice to reclaim your time :) More time to sew :)

Anonymous said...

No way!! I can't believe it has been a year already, that's insane!

Glad you are feeling happier (though not great to know you weren't before iykwim).

Stitch Sista said...

Love the look of that first bread. Do you have a recipe?

And I hear you on the forum thing. We've had illness around here and just a rough couple of weeks and some of my resolve to do the same re: internet use was lost. Hope to try that again though.

sarah bean said...

sooo, it's a good thing I was way too tight to part with any cash and join then???
you sound all liberated lol

yum yum yummo to all your baking! *drools*
think I may need to beg the easter bread recipe off you, or is it a family secret? I can swap you for my christmas stollen recipe ;)

Lou's Mum said...

April, I cannot believe it myself! this last year has gone so fast. my baby is turning 1!!

I am certainly feeling liberated LOL I have a few other distractions around here too, which I'll blog about soon.

Hmmm... Platzek recipe... not sure I'm allowed to give it away ;) will check with DH and see what the go is there (MIL has lots of secret recipes, I've been privileged because I joined the family and bore children LOL)

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

That family bread looks delicious - are those cherries I see inside?

Lou's Mum said...

sultanas on the inside Lesley :)

i'm working on the recipe for anyone that wants it :) i need to rewrite it so it's easier to follow.