Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What to do?

This is my Dream in Colour Shrug.

I love everything about it. I love the pattern. I love the yarn. I love the colour. The pattern is really easy to remember and I'm flying along with it. I love it so much that I've pretty much stopped everything else I've been doing so I can knit this. I want it done so I can wear it!

And so to my problem.....

This morning I was admiring my handiwork, and quickly glanced at the pattern... you can see where this is going, right? In my enthusiasm (and my false sense of security at having memorised the pattern well) I seem to have left one row out of each pattern repeat (well, actually two as there'd be a purl row to go with it) **insert crying smilie here** Honestly, it's barely noticeable and you'd probably only notice it if you were familiar with the pattern and you were looking closely. I did knit the very first pattern repeat (it's 20 rows) correctly, but from then on I've knit the next four repeats minus the last two rows.

So what do I do???

I figure I've got 4 options.

1. Continue knitting, and then when I get to the very last pattern repeat, knit it correctly so that I have at least got it symmetrical.

2. Continue knitting and ignore it completely and just keep knitting as I have been pretending that those two rows don't exist.

3. Rip it back to where I was last correct and start again.

4. Start knitting correctly from here.

I have 4 more pattern repeates left. So far my favoured option would be 1. My least favoured would be 3, as since it's lace I suspect if I try to rip it back then I'll end up having to go right back to the ribbing - not an attractive prospect!

So what would you do? Any advice appreciated!!

ETA: Thanks for your thoughts everyone :) I think I have decided it needs to be frogged though :( I'll be short 16 rows if I just keep going, and that's not a whole pattern repeat. I'm not sure how I'll make up for the missing length. So back to the ribbing I go *sigh* at least it is an enjoyable and quick knit so it shouldn't take me too long to catch back up! wish me luck!! lol


Tracy said...

I'd rip back, because if I didn't every time I wore them I'd be reminded.

sarahbean said...

i would definately go option one.

and then you essentially made up your own pattern! and therefore a even more awesome than if you had just done it the "right" way, coz any old one couldve done *that* ;)

Peta said...

If you can live with it and it won't annoy you I'd say go option 1, if it will bug you everytime you look at it sorry but I'd choose option 3. It looks gorgeous though, good luck making your decision!

Bec said...

Option 1 - definitely number 1. In my opinion anyway! Love the colours and the pattern is really nice with the variegated yarn. Good job!

Kylie said...

I would go with ripping it back as well - But then I am known to be a perfectionist. Oh and by the way - I am Kylie BBH Demo from Wagga!

Lou's Mum said...

well I ripped it LOL nearly finished again now :)

Hi Kylie!