Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Instant art

Cheap canvas frame + fabric from IKEA + staple gun = Inexpensive artwork for the wall.

The spot above the TV in the lounge has been empty for YEARS. We've never been able to find the "right" thing to hang there. And I don't like looking in print stores. So I decided I'd make something myself. I have enough fabric left to make a cushion cover too. All up about $20 for this. Maybe less actually, since I can't remember how much the fabric actually cost, but I only got a metre of it.

Looks pretty good, and it's nice to finally have the blank wall gone!


Peta said...

Kim it looks fantastic!! I love the fabric.

lucretia said...

I love this!

How is it that I've been to Ikea quite a few times and never seen the fabric? I feel a trip coming.

Sam said...

what a fabulous idea, it looks great!