Thursday, August 27, 2009

I need a new system.

Or maybe I just need a system fullstop. Apparently what I do have at the moment isn't working for me :( I just received a disconnection notice in the mail from the electricity company :( And it would seem that we are now on a shorter payment cycle until we pay a certain amount in a row, because we've apparently had three late notices in a row! The good news (for me) is that the account is not in my name LOL

It's not like we can't pay our bills. I just completely forget about them, and then bam... a late notice arrives and I remember, and I pay it. I never used to be like this. In fact, this is DH's game. He doesn't like paying bills... so he doesn't pay them. Which is why I manage all the finances around here. I've always payed things on time. But these days bills come in, I note them in my head, put them on the desk and then they disappear into the abyss. Until a late notice arrives. I even bought myself an organiser system where you can put the bills into a folder and stick them in the week that they are due. But this requires me to actually do that - stick them in the folder and put them in the week they are due, followed up by actually checking the folder each day/week/whenever. That's the part I seem to be having an issue with.

So anyway, we have electricity until the next billing cycle comes around, at least LOL But does anyone have a tried and tested system that works and they want to share? I know part of my problem is being pro-active, which I seem to not be. I'll work on that one. Might start with cleaning up this desk.


Rebecca said...

I average out my bill (electricity) and then direct debit that amount each FN. That way when the bill comes I have nothing or minimal to pay. I do this with Electric, phone, rates, water. Internet and austar are taken straight from my account.

Not sure if that helps.

Anonymous said...

I have a calendar on my computer desktop and when we get bills, or make appointments, I put them in there and because I use the computer a lot I see the calendar a lot LOL.
Stuff shows up on the calendar as a symbol, and there is a little box where stuff coming up in the week ahead is 'highlighted'. I think you can set alarms to remind you too.
Here's a link cos I don't think my explanation was all that good LOL.

Jo said...

I had the same thing happen just over a year ago. I called the elctricity provider and worked out my estimated use for a year (based on the previous 3 years usage). Divided the estimated cost by 26, rounded that up to the next 10, l pay that amount each fortnight by Bpay. Bpay so if l have another big bill, l can decrease or cancel the payment.
End of the year l was $50 in credit.
Now l get discounts for makig regular payment, paying on time etc.


Kat said...

I'm the utlimate procrastinator, if your looking for help try the Flylady I can't remember whether she has a bill system but it seems like a good idea for household organisation, the key is small bits of cleaning and doing it daily it seems ..I need to start it again but I've in denial right now...
I am the middle of a hurricane so I think to follow my own advice

Sam said...

when i get a bill, I put it in for it's due date in my Outlook calendar with a reminder set for a few days in advance, it mostly works except when I forget to put it in in the first place!

Lou's Mum said...

thanks for the suggestions everyone :) I might try the outlook calender thing. Don't know why I don't use it now.... I used to be an outlook calender junkie when I had a paid job LOL but then I was an organised and deadline-meeting person back then too. I forget I have it sometimes. If that doesn't work I'll go with the regular payments thing!

Jack said...

I put them into my BPay queue on Internet banking as soon as they arrive and then it doesn't matter if the paper gets lost.

Kylie said...

Good luck with getting organised.

I have a diary that I carry every where with me and on pay day I sit at the computer and Bpay bills that need paying.

Cleaning wise - the aussie version of flylady is my life saver.